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Prevention & Compliance

Prevent and Prepare rather than Repent and Repair

Our company encourages preventative measures. We developed our preventative maintenance program to assist our clients with high volume or troublesome lines; to avoid inconvenience and embarrassment of frequent blockages, unpleasant odors, or health hazards.

The program is specifically designed to meet individual/commercial/industrial requirements and offers regular scheduled maintenance of drains, sewers, septic tanks and associated sewer pipe work.

The idea is to keep the system flowing freely, thereby avoiding the serious problems associated with back-ups, blockages or reduced flow. It can be applied to any drainage system where regular maintenance is warranted. All pipe work is different, and the frequency and type of service depends on the amount of usage demands of your system. The considering factors are; the substance being discharged, size of building and type and size of pipe which contribute to the effectiveness of the system. Preventative maintenance can be critical in preventing costly flooding and repairs.

From your smallest home to your largest commercial property, if you are having a recurring problem, preventative maintenance can be the answer. Diagnosing the problem areas with routine checks and providing prompt on-site remedies, allows you to stop the problems before they can occur. 

Poor pitch or poor flow, root intrusions or heavy industrial grease build up can stop a line and potentially cause extensive damage or interrupt business. Our goal is to help you maximize productivity and efficiency by minimizing downtime and repair costs.

Preventative Maintenance – (Benefits)

  1. Avoids blockages which can damage property and inventory.
  2. Avoids health risk from flooding.
  3. Saves up to 50% of emergency prices.
  4. Avoids costly backups that always occur at the worst possible time.
  5. Ensures you stay compliant with local regulations.
Extends the life of your system

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