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Jetting Machine

Sewer Jetting Machine, also called as Water Jetter or Hydro Jetter, uses large volumes of water sprayed under high pressure in order to completely remove all sludge from the interiors of the drain and sewer lines.

It is a unique way that completely clears grease, debris, roots, sand, soil, dirt or sludge leaving the pipes/sewer lines as clean as they were initially. It is always advisable to routinely schedule a pipe/drain/sewer line jetting for preventative maintenance.

High Pressure Sewer Jetting Machine is suitable for effective and efficient cleaning of choked underground drainage and sewer lines.

The jetting nozzles will cut through grease, sludge, sediment and even roots and will open the most stubborn drain lines. High pressure water jetters have been demonstrated to be extremely useful to remove dirt, mud, oil, grease, debris, scale and paint from walls, oil from driveways or just for power washing any surface. Our jetters have a tank capacity of 4000 litres, and are available in various versatile configurations, from small 1500 psi to big 3500 psi units, which are suitable for cleaning of drain lines/pipe lines and sewers ranging from 1 1/2" to 10" in diameter.

Our jetters also Desilt, Dechoke and Descale underground drain lines of sizes 3 inches to 10 inches using motorized trolley mounted cable spinners and high pressure water jetting machines fitted with specialized cutters for cleaning outdoor and indoor drains and pipes.

Mechanised cleaning is based on the fact that force alone does not clean best, so our machines use high speed drilling action rather than force alone to give you the most effective way of removing blockage without any damage to the pipes, drains and sewer lines.

Our jetting machines are fitted with a triplex plunger, reciprocating pump having a flow and pressure rating of 153 lpm (+/- 10%) at 130 bars (+/- 10%) respectively. The Jetting Pump is manufactured by M/s PRATISSOLI POMPE SPA, Italy, one of Europe’s leading pump manufacturers.

The Jetting Hose is approx 60 mtrs long and we use specialized Jetting Nozzles manufactured by M/s NuoraContee, Italy.


The main advantages of this machine are: Versatile Operation, Optimized Design, Low water consumption, Mobile operation and high quality.

It can clean sewer/drain/pipe lines, where manual cleaning is impossible due to unsafe conditions and hazardous gases.

Much faster and thorough cleaning of sewers. Clears blockages and dislodges the settled debris from the interiors of sewer/drain/pipe lines.

Effective for all sizes of sewer/drain/pipe lines, manholes and storm water drains.

Drain line jetting clears blockages, heavy grease build up and completely cleans out the drain. Some key benefits of drain line jetting are:
- Safe for pipes of all kinds and purposes
- Cuts through grease, sludge, tree roots and opens the most stubborn drain lines
- Can be routinely scheduled for planned preventative maintenance

Drain line jetting can be used for effective and efficient cleaning of:
- Sewer/Pipe lines
- Storm water drains
- Stack lines
- Grease lines
- Grit/ Pump chambers

Salient Features

It can effectively clean choked sewer/drain/pipe lines ranging from 1 ½” – 10” diameter.
It is capable of de-choking, de-silting, de-scaling civil/industrial/residential drains and sewer lines.
It works on the principle of hydrodynamic cleaning, using water at high pressure, detaching as well as flushing dense waste/ sludge like mud, slurry, etc from sewer lines, storm water drains, etc
Specific Jetting Operation: This multipurpose machine can be used for removal of blockages in drain/sewer/pipe lines, oil from driveways, cleaning of toilet blocks and footpaths and also to extinguish small fires or just for power washing any surface.

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