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Suction Machine

Our vehicle mounted Suction Unit also known as a Vacuum Machine or a Gully Sucker is the main unit having a tank capacity of 4000 litres with a suction pump to effectively suck up and collect liquid, semi-solid, wet waste, sewage, sludge and slurry from a depth of about 12 feet.

The process involves blowing of pressurized air/ water into the chamber to dislodge the sediment solids, which combine with the liquefied effluent to form sludge. This is then collected into the tank by operating the system in vacuum mode. The blow back pressure mode is then utilized to stir up the sludge. These results in the homogenous mixing of the particles in the water content where all the heavier particles/ materials deposited at the bottom of the tank are brought up and kept in circulation, before commencing the suction operation. The suction operation under this stage then effectively cleans out the sludge particles stagnated in the tanks and sewer lines.

Suction process is also useful for cleaning of ETP’s, shifting effluents from ETP’s to effluent beds, septic tanks, clogged manholes and areas having water logging.


It is highly technical and advanced but user friendly equipment with all the essential accessories

It can clean sewer lines, manholes and water entrances where manual cleaning is impossible due to unsafe conditions and hazardous gases

It can clean without anyone having to enter such gaseous sewer/drain/pipe lines and manholes, thereby avoiding any risk of life

Clears blockages and dislodges the settled debris from the interiors of sewer/drain/pipe lines and manhole chambers

Salient Features

It can effectively suck up and collect wet waste, sludge, scum from sewer/drain/pipe lines, septic tanks, cesspits, etc
It is capable of cleaning clogged manholes, gutter/gullies, etc.
It works on the principle of creating a high degree of vacuum which dislodges the sediment solids that get accumulated at the bottom of the manhole chambers, sewer lines and tanks.
It is equipped with improved heavy duty Vacuum Pump, Auto Shut off valve, Siphon filter, Safety Pressure release valves and other important safety features.
Specific Suction Operation: This multipurpose machine can be used for cleaning of ETP’s, cooling towers, grit/pump chambers, emptying of septic tank, overflow clean up etc

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